Platform Requirements

Building the platform that supports the stakeholder aspirations.
Through Stakeholder Engagement and Existing Tools Review , we were able to clearly understand the following details about the data and digital tools ecosystem of the Northern Alliance region of Scotland.
  • Experience of key stakeholders in the existing ecosystem of data and tools, the challenges faced by them while engaging with the information and systems in the current form.
  • Background, features and limitations of existing tools used by the key stakholders, a comprehensive evaluation of their usability and applicability.
  • Feedback of key stakeholders on certain possible features for a new solution, that solves their key challenges to act in the ecosystem.
We used this information to research and identify the right tools and technologies required to build the suggested platform and how it will operate in practice.


Through all these interactions with the key stakeholders, we were able to collect a lot of important information about their aspirations from a new system.
  • The feedback on specific features in the workshop was used to identify open sources tools and technologies which can be used to meet stakeholder requirments.
  • The types of datasets stakeholders engage with played a role in shaping what a data management system for the new platfrom could look like.


Through the information above we Intention and Objective of the suggested new platform and how it's functionalities have been inspired by the landscape of existing tools. All this information played a key role in shaping the architecture for the solution.