Existing Tools Review

Previously, we looked at the feedback from the users about their experiences, needs and aspirations. Another important aspect of the ecosystem is the tools they are engaging with get access to data that is useful for them. These tools are driven by data, and play a key role to help stakeholders identify, understand, and achieve this larger goal of improving attainment and reducing socioeconomic gaps across the region.
As a part of the research exercise, we are thoroughly examining the existings tools and platform used the stakeholders and trying to envision what the new solution could look like.


To solve for the challenges faced and understand the experiences of key stakholders engaging with the existing tools, the following exercises were conducted.

User Feedback

The stakeholders were asked to share the most frequently used tools and share their experiences around the same. What they like, what they dislike, and what they would like to improve.

Design Audit

A comprehensive design audit was conducated for the five most frequiently used tools, thoroughly examine all elements of a digital product based on their objectives and usability standards. Then listing down the areas of improvement and recommend solutions to improve the overall experience.


The insights from the user feedback and design audit of the existing tools, along with the aspirations of the users informed the direction of the new suggested solution. These inputs were taken to design the wireframes of the envisioned solution.